Static/Manned Guarding


Eagletech Security Solutions Static Guards will provide a human presence at clients’ premises. Where enhanced and extra security is needed, Eagletech Security Solutions Officers provide a visible deterrent at premises.

Eagletech Security Solutions Static Guarding secures at sites where assets, data and personnel would be at risk. Eagletech Security Solutions Static Guards patrol and secure premises during out of office hours, weekends and bank holidays 24 hours a day throughout all 365 days of the year. Manned Guarding ensures that your premises are always secured against any threat.

Eagletech Security Solutions Static Guards are fully trained and licenced officers to carry out all of their duties. Where by a security officer is required to have additional/essential training, rest assured that at Eagletech Security Solutions, we have the personnel to meet those criteria.

Working in partnership with local authorities, Eagletech Security Solutions Static Guards provide a comprehensive service to insure that your business remains running without incurring unnecessary costs.

Our Security officers have been fully trained to work within the following sectors:

  • Construction Sites
  • Offices
  • Manufacturing and Distribution centres
  • Schools and Colleges
  • Events
  • Residential Premises

Eagletech Security Solutions Static Guards are managed from Eagletech Security Solutions' 24 Hour Control Room where support is given at all times. Eagletech Security Solutions’s 24 Hour Control Room monitors officers to ensure that work is done, premises are secure, ensures security officers are safe and it also compiles an extensive report about the service. Eagletech Security Solutions offers clients 24 hour access to the control room should any eventuality occur.