Gates & Barriers

Eagletech Security Solutions designs & installs security gate and barrier system that will control vehicle or pedestrian movement. This can be provided either as a stand-alone security system for your premises or complementing other systems.

Eagletech Security Solutions' wide range of security gates and barriers can be either on a stand-alone basis or as part of an Integrated Security system incorporating other security factors such as CCTV, Access Control and Alarm Monitoring.



Eagletech Security Solutions will supply and install Cantilever and Tracked Gates to suit openings, up to 24 meters wide, galvanized and powder coated.

The special micro-processor control panel allows advanced control, detection and safety.

Car Park Barriers

The intelligent range of Car Park & Raised Arm Barriers are designed for stand-alone use or along-side our Access Control system; Tru-secure. Our trained system engineers can survey your site and recommend the best way to control vehicle access to and from your site.

Each barrier frame is made from tough galvanized steel; the hydraulic pump raises the lightweight rectangular boom (various lengths) with a manual override allowing users the ability to raise it if required.


Sensors or underground induction loops can detect that a vehicle has passed through to lower the barrier safely; the barrier can be raised for both entry and exit by: Push button, proximity cards, video entry, parking cards, swipe cards etc.

Maximum Effectiveness, Minimum Inconvenience

The key role of both gates and barriers is to prevent non-authorized access whilst providing minimum inconvenience to those that do have authorized access to the site. A proper system should allow rapid communication when any delay occurs; thereby making sure that there is no peak period congestion.

Integration with your Security System

The more advanced systems we install have the capability to stop vehicles or people at the relevant barrier and not allow entry / exit until they identify themselves via a swipe / proximity card. The operator of the system (who would also be responsible for the main security system) will then verify that the person presenting the card is the same as the person held on the system database. A decision is then made on allowing entry / exit.