Access Control Systems

Access Control Systems provides total control over who gains access, where and when. Primarily delivering security over employees, premises, assets and data; access control offers an intuitive system that monitors, governs and records access to all areas.

Access Control Systems are offered in various such as:

  • Biometric Technology – through using a person's unique physical traits for the purposes of identification and security i.e. finger print recognition and verification.
  • Proximity cards, smart cards and key fobs.
  • Entry systems i.e. doors, turnstiles, gates and car park barriers.
  • Access Control Systems deliver complete security all the time

Tailored to each client’s needs, Access Control Systems from Eagletech Security Solutions will provide you with the following benefits:

  • Security over employees, premises, assets and data
  • Increased level of staff control including integration with HR systems for data management
  • Restricting unauthorized entry to sensitive areas
  • Management and control of on-site parking facilities
  • Monitors movement within the applied system i.e. last person to enter/leave
  • Monitors number of staff in the building at any one time
  • Enables effective evacuation procedures in cases of emergency
  • Integrates with other security systems for higher levels of safety management

Access Control Systems are adaptable and can grow to meet client’s changing requirements. Eagletech Security Solutions' Access Control Systems can be applied to any business ranging from small stand-alone businesses to large corporations. Furthermore, Eagletech Security Solutions’ Access Control System can be applied to local governments and linked to emergency services. From the management of a single door entry system to comprehensive solutions with 100s of doors and 1000s of employees, Eagletech Security Solutions’ Access Control Systems performs as required 100% of the time.