Mobile Patrol


Eagletech Security Solutions Mobile Patrol Services are used to carry out routine checks on premises and equipment. Uniformed Patrol Officers in clearly identified vehicles visit and inspect assets according to agreed frequencies.

Mobile patrols provide a visible presence, which is enforced by clearly marked vehicles and officers. This provides a clear visual deterrent to unwanted activities such as arson, theft, intrusion or criminal damage. Additionally, mobile patrols provides an early detection service should an incident occur at a premise. Eagletech Security Solutions Mobile Patrol Officers are trained to deal with all types of emergencies and incidents and are provided with our own extensive contacts should they need to act upon an urgent situation.

Operating 24 hours a day and with the additional support of the 24 Hour Monitering Control Room, mobile patrols offer an effective solution to safe guarding the client. Using the latest in vehicle tracking technology and systems, accurate data is constantly available to keep track of the officers and the job at hand.

Eagletech Security Solutions mobile Patrol Services are effective 24 hours a day and especially during the night, over annual shutdowns and through Bank Holiday periods. Premises which are tagged with electronic key-points are visited by guards which records their presence at each key point which leaves a traceable and identifiable time stamp each visit for electronic verification of the mobile patrols. Clockings of mobile patrol times and locations are provided to you as confirmation that service levels have been achieved.